The key to a company's longevity is sustainability, and we embrace this not only in our core business practices but in our community responsibilities as well.

Our brand of corporate social responsibility is to maintain high ethical standards in all of our operations, from our health and safety practices to our supply chain management and philanthropic endeavors.  

Quality control

We monitor all aspects of our operations, from the growing and sourcing process to the methods of processing and manufacturing used, testing and worldwide logistics. We conduct regular inspections of our suppliers. We closely monitor our supply chain to ensure that consistent, quality products reach our customers.

Members of a broader community

Our team is important to us. We diligently observe all health and safety regulations relevant to our industry. As members of the global community, we do our best to ensure that our business practices do not harm the environment, and we give back to the community as often as we can, encouraging and supporting our staff in the causes that matter to them.