Our client portfolio includes the top ten flavour and fragrance houses, manufacturers of FMCGs including food, beverage, dairy, fine fragrance, personal care and household.

We help our clients by providing a wide array of dependable products, services and solutions worldwide. 

Your challenges

Numerous factors affect the prices of raw materials in our industry.  From commodities to high value materials, extreme weather, currency exchange rates, raw material prices and political unrest are just some of the different factors that can affect them.  Through our knowledge, experience and contacts at origin, we help our customers to overcome these.

Our solutions

Each month we send out a comprehensive market report covering a wide range of materials.  In this we offer our interpretations of the current market situation to help our customers better plan.  We hold over 200 ingredients in stock across multiple locations; with a value of approximately US$4 million, we can help with both a sudden unexpected demand as well as fixed, longer-term requirements giving you the flexibility to purchase raw materials as you require.