One clear general trend across all markets is the increasing consumer interest in natural products. 

Green chemistry

Environmental issues affect us all, and as a responsible supplier to the flavour and fragrance industry, we constantly evaluate and strive to minimise our environmental impact. In many cases, chemical processes associated with the production of synthetic aroma chemicals require harsh reagents or energy intensive conditions in order to drive the reactions.

Security of supply

Natural aroma chemicals as produced by traditional methods often present supply security issues. For example, prolonged rain in Indonesia during the 'dry' season can result in lower collection levels of clove leaves, in turn meaning there is less oil available for natural eugenol production. Equally, a fall in the price of cassia oil can disincentivise farmers to collect the leaves, again meaning a reduction in quantities available for natural benzaldehyde production.

Our research and development focuses primarily on developing natural aroma chemicals as defined by EU Directive 1334/2008. Through novel fermentation routes, these operate under mild conditions, making use of abundant natural starting materials ensuring security of supply.