Do you sell flavours and fragrances?

No, we specialise in manufacturing and supplying the raw ingredients used by companies within the flavour and fragrance industries. These can include flavour and fragrance houses, food and beverage companies, and FMCG manufacturers.

Do you supply to the retail market?

No, we do not offer finished flavours and fragrances; however, we do offer toll blending services to our customers.

Are all of De Monchy Aromatics' products listed on the website?

The products listed on our website are our primary products, which are normally held in stock. We do offer other specialist items which are available upon request.

How do I obtain a full list of De Monchy Aromatics products?

A list of our primary products can be downloaded from our Products page. You can also contact us directly to obtain a complete list.

How do I obtain a price list?

We do not maintain a static price list, and the cost of ingredients varies depending on factors including but not limited to the quantity of product required, related shipping and transport logistics, and seasonal crop and / or market influences. Contact us directly to obtain a quote.

If the product I am looking for is not on your website, does this mean you do not supply it?

No. Please contact us directly to let us know your needs and we will let you know if we can supply the product you're looking for.

Does De Monchy Aromatics supply Kosher and Halal products?

Yes, we do. All products that are certified Kosher and / or Halal are labeled in our Products section. You can also view a full list of our Kosher products or a full list of our Halal products directly. Certificates can be downloaded from the individual product pages.

What are your packing sizes?

We offer a variety of packing sizes and do not have minimum order quantities (MOQs).  Please ask us for the pack sizes available for any given product as some some limitations may apply.

How do I obtain a sample of a product?

To request a sample, please email to

How much lead time is required for an order?

Lead time is usually 7-10 days but if products are held in stock this can be accelerated to 48 hours from receipt of order to dispatch of goods.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, call the De Monchy Aromatics sales representative nearest you, or contact your nearest agent directly.

Can I order via email?

Orders can be sent via email to, or directly to any of our sales representatives or agents listed on our contact us page.

How do I get technical data regarding your products?

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for every product is available for download on the individual product pages as are each product's technical specifications. Kosher and Halal certificates are available for download for relevant products as well. Should you require further information about a product, please do not hesitate to contact us.