Fair and sustainable business practices are at the heart of what we do. By taking a hands-on approach, we ensure not only the quality of our product, but the longevity of our business relationships.

We believe that strong ethics are the foundation of trust. Our accountability extends from dealing fairly and responsibly with local farmers and producers to guaranteeing consistency and quality to our customers.

Supply chain management

Right from the start, we visit every farm and factory in person to observe the facilities and operations that produce the raw materials we use in order to ensure that our standards are being upheld every step of the way. Meeting face-to-face is essential for building relationships and keeping the lines of communication open.  We work closely with our suppliers worldwide to understand local issues and gather market intelligence. 

We oversee all areas of quality control and testing, as well as worldwide logistics including the direct handling of all documents required. Our line of quality control, from a product's initial sourcing and testing through shipment and final delivery to you, the customer, is unbroken.