Our aim is to provide creative solutions to the challenges our customers face, wherever they are in the world, by being at the forefront of our industry.

To this end, we are constantly looking for useful ways to diversify our services and expand our global reach.  

Global company, personal attention

We combine the best elements of a family business with those of an international company. We're not so small as to be ineffective, nor so large as to be disinterested or impersonal. Our reach, expertise, professionalism and attentiveness make us a vital partner for suppliers and customers alike. 

Consistent stock, responsive service

We've been in the business long enough to know that quality far outweighs quantity.  Over the years, our strategy has been to provide our clients with a consistent range of selected high-quality flavour and fragrance ingredients. We don't try to be everything to everyone, instead focusing on what we do best.  

Stable supply, ethical management

With inventories held in both the UK and China and additional offices and manufacturing operations spread across three continents, we maintain direct control of our supply chain. We work only with those companies that meet our standards for ethical and sustainable practices, and our long-standing personal relationships with these producers, farmers and distributors has established our reputation as a trustworthy business partner.