Become a supplier

If you feel you are a suitable potential supplier to De Monchy Aromatics we are happy to hear from you. You will need to be a producer or processor of raw materials in order for us to consider you. As a BRC certified company we adhere to high standards of business practice and expect potential suppliers to do the same.

Technology partner

We re-invest a considerable proportion of our annual revenue into developing new processes and capabilities. This is both developed in-house as well as in conjunction with other external organisations. If you have technology that you think could be of interest to us and are looking for a joint-venture partner, please contact us.

Work as an agent

De Monchy Aromatics is represented overseas in a number of ways. We are open to the possibility of taking on additional agents and distributors in countries or regions where we have no current representation or physical presence of our own, particularly in India and areas of the Asia-Pacific.

Use us as your distributor

We currently act as a distributor for Renessenz LLC in mainland China. We are open to distributing on behalf of other companies whose products are sufficiently different so as not to pose a conflict of interest.


If you feel you are a strong candidate, please contact Henry Gill at